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Flower Crown

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Please note that we are temporarily closing our online shop whilst we take a few weeks out in order to plan and devise our future steps and we won't be able to accept any deliveries or orders until further notice.

However, if you would like to discuss any future events or weddings or other custom type requests such as our flower bar, please feel free to use the form in the 'Contact Us' section on the website, or via email at or phone on +1 213 705 2240).


If you're after a flower crown, then look no further! Whether you'd like big headed, lush flowers or something a little more delicate, all green or using a mix of flowers and foliages, all round flowers or an asymmetrical design - the choices are endless and are yours to make!

The photos reflect examples of crowns we've made. You can either just give us free rein and we'll create something pretty special for you or just let us know what sort of style / color palette you'd like (by including it in the box provided on the order form or otherwise drop us an email after placing your order).  

Our prices exclude taxes and delivery.

Delivery Info:

Please note that we have to be very strategic with our delivery routes and for this reason, we do not offer time slots. 

We deliver within LA for a flat rate of $15 for each delivery, to the neighborhoods and zip codes listed in our 'Where we deliver page'. Prior to placing an order, please check that your delivery area/zipcode is included within this list. If it isn't, please contact us directly (by email at or by phone on 213 705 2240) as we may still be able to deliver (although we would need to charge a bespoke delivery fee).

We will be exercising contactless deliveries. Please include any special delivery instructions when placing your order (eg. any code for any security door or gate etc). It would also be really helpful if you are able to ensure that the recipient will be home on the delivery day, although we appreciate that the flower crown may be a gift so that may not always be possible! In any event, please provide a contact number for the recipient along with their address.

Please also include any message in the box provided on the order form. We never give out the sender's name so if you want the recipient to know who the flower crown is from, please put your name in the message!


Please note our general terms and conditions section, such terms and conditions apply to all orders.

NB. Care details:

Please note that to ensure your flower crown looks its best, it is preferable if you collect it/have it delivered as close as possible to when it is to be worn. Also, in the interim, please remember to keep the flower crown in a cool place and out of direct sunlight (a refrigerator or cooler box is ideal!).