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Our bespoke 4 week flower arrangement packages are designed to make things easy for you! 

You choose the option that best suits you and your surroundings.

We deliver the flowers one week and then pick up the old ones and deliver the new arrangement/s the following week. We agree a weekly day/time of delivery with you upfront and we deliver and install, or simply deliver, whichever suits you. We use our bespoke vase/s (so we bring the arrangement/s pre-made each week and pick up the old flowers and vases from the previous week) or we’re happy to use your own vases/containers if you prefer. If we use our own, we always ensure that they fit well with your space/s and where they’ll be placed.

We source our flowers from the LA flower market on the morning of the day of delivery to ensure you long lasting freshness.



Our packages consist of the following:
  • Small (aka 'Just A Little One'): 1 x small arrangement ($80/week)
  • Medium (aka 'We Want Something In The Middle'): 1 x medium arrangement ($135/week) 
  • Large (aka 'The Big One'): 1 x large arrangement  ($195/week)
  • Deluxe (aka 'The Hot One'): 1 x small arrangement AND 1 x medium arrangement  ($190/week)
  • x Deluxe (aka 'The Hotter One'): 1 x small arrangement AND 1 x large arrangement  ($245/week)
  • xx Deluxe (aka 'The Scorcher'): 1 small arrangement, 1 x medium arrangement AND 1 x large arrangement  ($365/week)
  • Double small (aka 'Double Trouble Small'): 2 x small arrangements  ($135/week)
  • Double medium (aka 'Double Trouble Medium'): 2 x medium arrangements  ($245/week)
  • Double large (aka 'Double Trouble Large'): 2 x large arrangements  ($365/week)

(Please note that our package prices include delivery/installation but exclude taxes.) 

Upon placing an order, we will contact you to get a little more information about where the flowers will be placed in your home or workplace, your type and style of home or workplace (eg. (eg. house or apartment etc / office, showroom, restaurant etc / minimalist, industrial or traditional etc / dominant interior color schemes etc) and any particular preferences/dislikes you have as regards flowers, vases and overall styles. This will enable us to ensure that you will love the flowers and vase we select each week, and that they fit with their surroundings. We will also confirm with you your preferred delivery date and time each week (as applicable).  


Please note that we are only able to deliver within the central LA areas at the moment, specifically the neighborhoods and zip codes listed in our 'Where we deliver' page.


Please note our general terms and conditions section, such terms and conditions apply to all orders.
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